I wasn't planning on making many hand-crafted gifts for Xmas this year (er… that is last year), but as luck would have it, several came together quite nicely.  I finished this bag in the summer and managed to line it in time for xmas gifting.  Unfortunately you can't really see the lining here, but you can imagine a cute green and blue cotton print on an off-white background.


Gma models sweater_editedYou'll recongnize this one, but I think the model ( my grandmother) really brings it to life.  I should have known she would have lipstick in the exact shade to match the sweater.

 After seeing the quick knit patterns for Biojouterie from Knitty.com, I couldn't help but whip some off for my sisters.  Managed to get a photo of one sister modeling hers, but somehow neglected to photograph the other, her pair was essentially the same as the one shown in the Knitty photo on the right, but with whiter pearls. 

Mom Xmas 039  BijouterieALT_edited