In the past I’ve  found stitch markers to be more trouble than they are worth.  They get caught on my yarn, or slip out of place, or get lost while I’m halfway through my project.  I avoid using them, preferring to look at my knitting to tell me what I need to do next and only using them for key points in the pattern.  In the past I’ve used store bought plastic stitch markers, paper-clips, twist-ties, small rubber bands, earrings (the ones with french hooks work especially well for marking a stitches- as opposed to marking between stitches).  I always had to do lots of fiddling to be sure my stitch marker was indeed marking the correct stitch, wasn’t getting caught, flowed along the needles.  Until now.  These stitch markers are perfect, light weight, visible, won’t slip between stitches, glide across my needles, don’t pull on my yarn, inexpensive so I won’t feel guilty if I lose one, and ecological too!