soakerKnowing how excited I get about any excuse to knit, and that I am currently cloth diapering one would think that I have already knit an entire wardrobe of wool soakers.   I haven’t.  In truth, I had surprising resistance to the whole idea.  There’s something about wool underwear that just seems wrong.  And have I mentioned that I live in a hot climate?  Nevertheless, I know that wool is more breathable than plastic, naturally regulates temperature, has antimicrobial properties repels moisture etc.   So I had to at least try one.  I used curly purly’s soaker pattern and though I haven’t used it extensively yet, (mainly because you have to use a snappy or pins on the diaper underneath and our current size prefolds are a little snug fastened this way) it seems to work and fit pretty well.    More excuses to photograph my photogenic munchkin in knitwear and try my hand at the cool space dyed technique used in the cover photo of the pattern sheet is enough to make me want to knit more of these in the future.