Some time ago (aprox. 6 weeks ago) , I got hit with startitis, a knitting affliction involving casting on several projects simultaneously– or nearly so, without any regard to the fact that the knitter in question still only has two hands, works a full-time job, has children and on and on.   To make matters worse the 3 projects I embarked were all time-sensitive.  One involves color work, one is a blanket and one uses fingering-weight yarn.

The good news is: one– the bulky baby blanket for afghans for Afghans is complete and in the mail.  The bad news is:  they have extended the deadline because their immediate need is for the youth campaign.  My blanket was not big enough for a youth, and due to issues with the fingering weight project (see below), I don’t think I should quickly cast on something small.

The  good news is:  that the easy slip-stitch color work vest for my littlest one is nearly complete.  It still fits, and I think its lovely.  The bad news is: I probably should not have started this, and thus don’t feel I can finish it until I’ve finished the fingering weight project.

The good news is: I like the fingering weight project, I think it will look really cool when it’s done and it’s the sort of thing I probably wouldn’t actually complete if I didn’t have a deadline.  The bad news is that I really do have a deadline and I am beyond hopelessly behind.  

The good news is: I’ve got some cute baby pictures with completed objects and that gives me hope that I could, and indeed do, sometimes complete things.

The bad news is: I just ripped back nearly an entire sleeve…

Tom and blankiee

More good news: this yarn has been baby tested and approved.

Tom Leaf Sweatere

The Spring adaptation of the Autumn Leaves cardigan now fits!