Today is the 100th day of school.   Already 100 days into 1st grade, 35 days into 2010, 317 days since our baby was born, 98 days since my last post. You can imagine where some of the time has gone, or I could tell you about it, or you could tell me about how it goes in your world, but today I will pick up where I left off (struggling through two projects) and close out that chapter before starting a new one.

The fingering weight crochet project that caused me such grief?  Finished and mailed nearly one month after the initial deadline (not counting the mailing mix up that pushed back the first initial deadline).   Here is’s lovely photo:

It is Julia Vaconsin’s Butterscotch cardigan crocheted in Peruvian Baby Cashmere.  I have to admit that initially I wasn’t all that impressed with the yarn, it was a bit splitty and not nearly as soft as I would imagine “baby cashmere” to be, but it bloomed and softened quite nicely with washing.    

 This sweater caused me all sorts of grief, having nothing to do with slight errata in the original pattern as I had all the corrected notes in hand before I began.  Really the pattern is simple, but I found the written instructions to be incredibly hard to follow–they couldn’t have made the pattern stitch set up row numbering  match the cast on set up row numbers? And the nested instructions drove me crazy, for example: “repeat rows 5-6 X times”, so I check row 5 to find “Work row 4 of rib eyelet pattern to last sc, 2hdc in las sc, turn”, scan down to row 4 of eyelet for the actual pattern stitch which I have to cobble together with all the qualifiers in the previous two rows of instructions.   I understand the need to do this given printed space constrictions, but I did much better once I rewrote the pattern in my own shorthand.

I also had horrendous gauge issues, entirely my own fault, but I will say this: the seaming saved me.  I understand now why some people swear by seams in knit/crocheted garments.  I’m not about to work all my future garments in pieces but in this case the structured seems really were what finally managed to pull together floppy mismatched pieces into a passable garment.  All complaining aside, this is a beautiful pattern and I’m happy to have it back in time for Spring.

The other work in process as of last post was a vest version of Speckle, for our “very young man” as my husband calls him.   I love this slip stitch color pattern and think it paired quite nicely with the organic cotton.  I do wish I’d knit a bigger size (or worked quicker) as it won’t fit for too much longer, but it was nice to have for the holidays.    

Vest in action