I have wanted to get excited about sock knitting for some time.  So many knitters adore it, but I just wasn’t feeling the love.  Until now.  These socks practically flew off my needles despite so much potential to go wrong.  First off, I don’t really like this particular 70’s kitchen appliance shade of green.  It came in the Knitpicks Fancy Feet Sock Packet  I ordered a while back and I wanted to knit it up so I wouldn’t have to look at it on my yarn shelf, but in this stitch pattern, I love it.  Now instead of 70’s kitchen appliance it says crisp spring leaves. 

Secondly, I only had one skein of this so I needed to knit these two at a time toe-up to see how far the cuff would go (hence the anklets).  That little ball of yarn in the upper left hand corner of the picture is all I have left of this yarn.

Third, I’ve never actually knit two socks at a time and it turns out the cheap circular needles I bought were totally not up for the job.  They had a big bulge at the join between the needle and cable so I couldn’t slide my stitches across.  So I knit each sock individually up past the heel on double-points and then split the remaining yarn for the cuff.

So what went so right?

1. The stitch pattern (taken from soxie’s artichoke socks) is lovely and exciting enough to keep me interested by easily memorizable so that it really was a portable project.  I made an index card sized chart for reference, but didn’t have to look at it after the 2nd repeat.

2. Knitting from the toe up kept me from worrying about running out of yarn, made it easier to fit as I went and when I got the top I was done!  No need to go back and kitchner the toe shut!

3.  I used Wendy’s gusset heel and Jeny’s super stretchy bind-off.  In the past, I’ve been frustrated by how difficult it can be to stretch  hand-knit socks over the heel.  No more!

Hmm.. I think I may have found a mini-recipe for personal sock success