It seems that when I sew, I am especially attracted to the color red. 

 1. Pillow case for Craft Hope Project Nine.  We heard there was especially a need for boys themed pillowcases and thought this yard of cars fabric from the remnant bin at the fabric shop might be appropriate. PS:  Sirenita and I decided sewing pillow cases, or at least plain ones, is a bit dull.

2. Fleece soaker, also with fabric from the remnant bin.   I used Katrina’s quick sew  pattern.  It wasn’t quite roomy enough in the back for our bulky diapers, but may work as a training pant if it still fits by the time we’re ready for that. 

3. Background fabric is Red Kona Cotton and vintage I-Spy squares from Amy Smart  on etsy  to be made into an I-spy quilt for the little Mr. 

Then I thought back to my first project as an adult on my own sewing machine (my mother gave me one for my birthday in 2005).  It was this red skirt.  Definitely the most succesful project I have ever sewn.  I made up the pattern for a simple skirt for my girl.   She still wears it with much joy.  I have made no alterations since it was first sewn.    She wore it in 2009 too.  I just couldn’t find a picture.