This week I learned how to crochet hairpin lace.  So called because it was originally worked on a curved hairpin.  Long strips of loops are produced by wrapping yarn around the hairpin (or loom) and crocheting up the middle.  Then the strips are joined in various ways to form a pattern.  I made and joined two strips to form a scarf.

There are quite a few nice tutorials on the web.  I used this one from bellaonline but Stitch Diva also has several along with her innovative uses of the technique and quite a few free patterns at Crochet Pattern Central.

This was a great way to showcase some ribbon yarn I had in my stash.    It goes quite well with the skirt my little one hand painted this weekend.  I’m savoring some of her artwork from earlier this year.  Now that school has begun, I’m sure a new body of work will be wanting to be displayed. 

We’ve also been perfecting our sewing skills.   La sirenita learned to do machine piecing and I practiced machine quilting.  We decided to save the lesson on sewing a straight lines for another day.