The photo of the tissue cardigan I knit earlier this year is up at  along with yarn packs so you could knit your very own.  The pattern is from Interweave Knits Spring 2010.  I was a bit skeptical when the yarn arrived, this is knit holding two strands of lace weight on size 9 needles.  The swatch was true to the name of the sweater, not unlike a”tissue”.  The resulting sweater is light and drapey and yet doesn’t feel insubstantial or holey except in the lacy bits where there are meant to be holes.  The wool is wonderfully soft and warm next to the skin.  Perfect for a cool summer night or overly air conditioned day.  I also absolutely love the color for this pattern and the shaping is very flattering even on those of us a bit curvier than the model.  

 Don’t be fooled by the “minimal finishing” bit touted in the magazine, this is knit in 8 pieces (not counting the button) bands Most of these are picked up where the previous piece left off, but you still have to sew up the sleeves and the sides and I had plenty of ends to weave in.  You could as some ravelers have suggested, knit in one piece in the round but might loose some the structure and nice shaping in the garment especially at this loose a gauge .  That said, I would still highly recommend the pattern.