Encouraged by the quite wearable results of the pajamas I made last month I decided it would be nice to make the little Mr. some pajamas with a matching top.  Preferably one that did not involve buttons.  I’ve been saving a small stack of his receiving blankets for repurposing and this one matched quite nicely with a blue tank-top that had hit the scrap pile a while back.

A few snips and seams later.. voila!   The most satisfying thing about this project was that I used almost the entire receiving blanket with very little waste, which you can sort of see in my little cutting diagram below.    I would like to make another of these in which I perfect the sleeves (didn’t get the angle on the raglan quite right so they are a little poofy) so I will try and do a more complete tutorial of sorts when I do. 

 The short version though is to cut the blanket into equal 6ths, by folding it in half and then in thirds.  Each third then becomes a pair of fronts and backs for the shorts and sleeves for the shirt.  By positioning the cuts along the already finished edge of the blanket, you minimize the need for extra selvedging. 

Use an old t-shirt or tank-top (since you won’t be needing the sleeve fabric) to form the body of the shirt, the casing for the elastic at the top of the shorts and the neck edge.