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  The Deep Fall Issue of Knitty is chock full of things I want to knit.  The Beatnik sweater is high on the list as is Cadence, and well, this may be one issue where it would be quicker to list the items I don’t want to rush out and knit than to knit all the ones that I do.  But first off the list is Brambles  , a lovely hat that has photographed poorly.   The crown actually looks a bit like this much nice picture from Knitty.  I will be knitting more of these,  the first, knit as a size medium came out a little smaller than I anticipated, much to Frida’s delight.  Now back to Halloween sewing.


After I started knitting this, it occurred to me that I should have just bought a plain black cardigan and embroidered on it.   A plain black stockinette sweater doesn’t make for very exciting knitting.  Still it worked up quickly and I got an odd feeling of satisfaction from the working the turned hems and double knit button band.   Even more so than other projects, this one felt a little bit like Giappetto must have felt putting the finishing touches on Pinocchio, watching it slowly come to life through each detail.  The sparkling “moonshine” buttons Frida picked.  The silky floral cotton lining on the hidden velvet pockets inside the sweater (apologies for the blurry pic, unfortunately this is a rather accurate view of life around here at the moment).   The addition of a single precious sparkling crystal button found and saved in one of Frida’s trinket boxes for just such an occassion.  And of course, the blooms!  Embroidering on knit fabric can be tricky and I loosely followed the messy style of the original.  At first it looked like, well a mess, but together emerged as a lovely garden.  Now if only I had made it a bit bigger, because alas, she has already outgrown the extra ease I factored in and now it fits just right.

 My reward after all the party coordinating was a Sunday to knit and finish the 22 leaves shawl.  This also gave me a chance to try out my blocking wires.  Oh how I love knit lace! 

In addition to the night garden sweater (which is finished but I haven’t photographed yet), for her birthday Frida commissioned my mother to make her a decorative quilt in “cool colors” to show off the model magic buttons she crafted earlier this year.  And asked that I make her a pillow house following a tutorial from London Mummy (seen on Sew Mama Sew).  Though worked independently, methinks the two were made for each other.

My not so little one turned 8 last weekend and we went all out this year on the crafty party front.  We were inspired by ikat bag’s posts on her daughter’s tea party.   We took the felt donut scavenger hunt and beanbag toss idea put a halloween twist on it and ran with it.  The brainstorming (while stitching!) was half the fun. 

We made the pi~nata and halloweeny food including watermelon brain, appleslices jaws, bat eyes, humous graveyard and wormy jello (not pictured).


The girls made pom-pom monsters and decorated cupcakes:

And set off on a treasure hunt  that involved following homemade clues that eventually lead to sparkly donuts, which were then fed to a hungry monster.  Frida designed the monster and sewed all the beaded sprinkles on the donuts herself.


Way behind on posts but couldn’t resist: