A couple of online challenges and a great new sewing closet from Goodwill have helped reunite me and my sewing machine this Spring.  I’m still trying to keep my computer time down and my sewing/knitting time up but here’s a quick recap:

1. Dana and Rae’s Celebrate the Boy month got me to finally make the I-spy quilt I’ve been planning for my boy for some time.   So many great boy ideas!  Makes me really look forward to more crafting for my boy! 

I bought the vintage I-spy charm pack from Amy Smart on etsy, last year.  They really made the quilt.  The ecosystem boarders were a Walmart sale find of all places.  Hopefully that fabric will hold up as well as the rest of the quilt. 

2. Collette Patterns:  Spring Palette Challenge

This was a 10 week challenge to create a mini Spring wardrobe around favorite color palette.  The first couple of weeks people shared mood boards and sewing plans and the rest of the time people shared their amazing progress.  And I do mean amazing, you can go check it out here.  Not having ever really sewn my own garments I was not expecting to get much done, but I was so inspired by these ladies.. now I’m totally hooked!

Here’s my mood board, inspired more by textures than colors per se (ie. pink dresses aren’t really a part of the plan):

Here’s what I actually made:

Collette Patterns: Macaron

Simplicity 2211


Andrea's Shawl


Lady Kina


Yes, I know, a couple of knit items snuck in mainly because I can’t sew while Little Mr. is awake, so knitting fills that time nicely.

3. The challenge is over now, but I am definitely going to keep sewing.  As luck would have it, the last item I made post-challenge was this ruffle dress, which fits in rather nicely with the upcoming theme on another site that has provided me much sewing inspiration: The Sew Weekly.  Next week’s theme is: clothes inspired by a childhood outfit.  When I saw this theme and thought about it for a few minutes I realized this most recent dress has a lot in common with the first dress I ever made, helped along by my aunt who taught me how to use a sewing machine  and draft a simple pattern in the process of making the dress for my 10th birthday.   It’s a bit hard to tell from the photo but both feature ruffles, fabric sashes and small purplish floral paisley prints.  I’ll let you all draw what conclusions you may from that …

Simplicity 236010th Birthday Dress

10th Birthday Dress