The sew weekly challenge last week was embellish, which got me thinking about my own use of embellishment in recent projects.



From the top left to right:

bunny buttons for little Mr’s easter shirt

Some lace for Mother’s day blouse (for my Mama)

Crocheted flower and subtly contrasting sash for the not-so-little-one’s easter dress.

Patches for the international chef of the house

Moved the tabs to the cuff of my “portfolio” shorts

More lace for sorbetto (yes from the leftover fabric from Mama’s day blouse)

oops not enough fabric for the back!  Quick act like it’s part of the design! (You might also have noticed I didn’t have quite enough for the front either and had to let out the pleat).

Orange Pjs:  Embellishment gone awry!  The little picture in the middle is my attempt at creating some fabric flowers to cover the wonky stitching at the yoke as my machine was giving me fits during sewing for some reason.   They looked messy, could barely be seen against the ground fabric and didn’t do anything to cover the wonky stitches so these ended up coming off.

Artemis costume: thank the goddess for Grecian ribbon!