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My first completed project for the Spring palette challenge.  This was actually supposed to be my Easter dress but I didn’t have time to start it before then, let alone finish.  I fell in love with this vintage pattern the moment I saw it at the New Vintage Lady’s etsy shop and imagined it in a bold summer solid color to show off the details.  Then I stumbled across this – sheet with butterflies and the vision changed entirely.  Because both my main and contrast fabric are a little sheer I fully lined the bodice (in the yellow dot fabric) and sewed in loose lining to the skirt  in the butterfly fabric.  I added in-seam pockets and contrasting scallop hem on the underskirt (petticoat? not sure what the right term is), using Colette Pattern’s Meringue hem facing piece as a guide.  I love the way it turned out!  

The only down side is that the fabric does have a pretty high poly content so it does get quite hot for such a light and breezy design.   This is something I am trying to pay more attention to in my fabric purchases going forward.   For my first year of sewing I felt like everything was essentially going to be a wearable muslin so didn’t feel justified in investing a lot of money in fabric, but most pieces have turned out pretty well and I’ve found that a nice fabric really does make the difference between clothes I reach for all the time and the ones I wear once in a while.


Colette Patterns is hosting another seasonal sewing challenge inspired by a certain palette.  I love seeing everyone’s mood boards and how people bring them to life through their sewing.    One look at the tip of  the stash revealed some strong color preferences and the mood board come together pretty quickly from there

Here are some patterns I am thinking about:

As you can see I’m going for a tropical paradise sort of vibe and have far more fabric/ideas/patterns than I can possibly execute (no, not all are pictured!).  I would love to complete a pair of shorts, a couple of tops that could dress up or down and a dress or two.