Inspiration: Nov 2009, saw completed quilt using this pattern posted on the interwebs.  (Sorry, this was pre-Pinterest and I don't have the link).

Delay: I purchased a copy of the out-of-print quilt book “Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts” (which is full of great scrappy patterns and tips) and discovered I would need 336 squares of various shades of blue fabric for the night sky portion of the quilt.  I didn’t have many blues in my stash. It took a while to gather blues, plus  I had a full life and lots of other projects in my queue.

Sewlution: After 3 + years of stockpiling blues, I felt like I finally had enough to take the quilt.  Did you Make that?’s New Year’s Sewlution was the perfect final push for me to finally get it done! For me this sewlution had 3 main parts:

1. Finish piecing the quilt I had promised my daughter- based on one of her drawings (in the frame in the background of the photo below.)  Check!  Completed in the Spring.  I followed this popular tutorial for the borders.


2. Watch Free Motion Quilting a Sample with Leah Day Craftsy class and master the art of Machine Quilting.  I wanted to do some fancy quilting on my daughter’s quilt so this would be perfect practice. (Partial Credit.  I watched the class, but was not able to master the technique on my practice scraps.  I grew impatient and just quilted my daughter’s quilt using a walking foot and regular sewing foot turning the quilt frequently.  I used very thin batting so I could get away with it.  I would still like to revisit and master proper free motion quilting though).Image

3. Cut, piece and quilt the Starry Night Quilt!  (Completed August of 2013!)

I modified the quilt to full size by using 5″ squares instead of 3.5″ and eliminating the borders.

I also deviated from the recommended strip piecing technique and switched to piecing in blocks of 16 squares about halfway through.   I found this method much more manageable for keeping the color gradations and stars aligning correctly.  I used leftovers to piece the back of the quilt and am thrilled with the end result.

The only part I’m not completely satisfied with is the quilting. I want to go back in and fill in some more quilting between the current quilting lines in the background as I like the look of denser wonky quilting in my daughters quilt better than the wide wonky quilting on this one.  In retrospect, I should have just chosen one star to create an overall spiral covering the quilt as the constant turning was a bear and resulted in a creasing on the back.

But for now: I’m considering it done!

Quilt Back

Quilt Back

Quilt Front

Quilt Front