knitmermaid2This is primarily a mama’s knitting/craft blog but also a place to share the entire family’s creative explorations.  You can find my knitting and other exploits on the home page.  You can also find me on ravelry as lasirena.

Papa’s jewelry can be found on the “La Sirena de Plata” (The Silver Mermaid) page.  This is where “La Sirena” was born, as one of his clients pointed out that the glass “pebbles” he was working with are sometimes referred to as “mermaid’s tears”. 

Last but not least, our daughter’s creative explorations in many media can be found on the “La Sirenita” page.  Doubtless she’ll be making her own blog updates before too long!


Note:  I previously blogged at and was delighted to learn that there was a quick-click way to transfer over all my old posts.  Unfortunately, once I closed the old account, all my images went with it.  I’ll slowly replace some of them.  For the rest, you’ll just have to use you imagination.