rebozoI find I can never have too many bags when I travel.  This bag is knit inside out on double-pointed needles.  The bag is then turned right-side-out to shape the base.  The white running stitch stripes between the blue bands are added after the bag has been completed.



1 skein black worsted weight cotton

1 skein blue worsted weight cotton

White yarn from the stash

4 size 8 (5mm) double-pointed needles


Gauge: 16 stitches and 20 rows= 4”x4” (10cm x 10cm)


Cast on 60 stitches in MC

1: Knit 1 round

2: Join and knit one round in CC.

3-8: Knit 5 rounds in MC

9: *K2tog, yo* around

10-14: Knit 4 rounds in MC
15: *Knit 1 round in CC

16-23:  Knit 8 rows in MC 

24: Knit 1 round CC

Repeat rows 16-24 for a total of 4stipes.

Turn inside out to shape the base in MC:

knit one round

K2tog, K8* around.= 54

Purl around

Knit around

Purl around

K2tog, K6* end k12 around = 48


K2tog, k4* around = 40


K2tog, k2* around = 30


K2tog around = 15

Cut thread and pull tail through remaining stitches to close circle.

With white yarn and large blunt needle, work running stitch between blue purled stripes.

Weave in ends.

Cut two equal lengths of black and blue thread each about 4 feet long. Twist tightly together, fold in half and let the twist in the yarn spin together the 4 strands to form the cord for the drawstring.  Knot each end and string through the yarn-overs in the bag.