My not so little one turned 8 last weekend and we went all out this year on the crafty party front.  We were inspired by ikat bag’s posts on her daughter’s tea party.   We took the felt donut scavenger hunt and beanbag toss idea put a halloween twist on it and ran with it.  The brainstorming (while stitching!) was half the fun. 

We made the pi~nata and halloweeny food including watermelon brain, appleslices jaws, bat eyes, humous graveyard and wormy jello (not pictured).


The girls made pom-pom monsters and decorated cupcakes:

And set off on a treasure hunt  that involved following homemade clues that eventually lead to sparkly donuts, which were then fed to a hungry monster.  Frida designed the monster and sewed all the beaded sprinkles on the donuts herself.